Lars Thoughts – Ted Wheeler Got Some Questionably Just Dessert When Dining Out

The Feckless Mayor of Portland took his friend to dinner in Nob Hill the other night but he got his just desserts up front.

You see, left wing gangs of antifa and BLM have been tearing up Teddy’s town for years…ramping up into riots, arson, looting, assault and murder last Summer.

For the most part the Mayor has been insulated from any direct contact with the chaos he’s allowed…by his millions and of course his taxpayer provided security team.

This time, not so much

At trendy Cafe Nell, a group of less than happy constituents confronted the Harvard man. One told him, quote

“I think you need to do your f-ing job, mayor. I think you’re a disgrace”

The minute long verbal assault then escalated when one young lady in the group slapped the mayor in his shoulder.

I don’t have a precise list of the mayor’s injuries from that but I suspect his pride took the biggest beating.

Video of the incident went viral and nationwide…and even I heard about it from a lawyer in Washington D.C.

The law abiding part of me says no one should face that kind of harassment just because you want dinner out.

But my gut says…Ted allows far worse things to happen to citizens of his city.

Maybe if “Tevis” has to deal with some of it in person, his perspective on the problem might change.  We can always hope