Lars Thoughts – Tear Gas Teddy Has As Much Chance At Re-Election As Police Do To Keep People Safe Without Tear Gas

Four weeks from now, Portland voters decide a race between Failed Mayor Feckless Ted Wheeler and self described “Antifa Mayor” Sarah Iannarone.

A lot of you have asked me why there are no conservatives on the ballot…just a choice between bad and worse.

Any conservative would have the same prospects for election that I would have trying out for the NBA.

At this point, one poll puts Social Justice Sarah up 11 points over Tear Gas Teddy.

And there’s the real prospect for violence on election night.

Iannarone, whose website sums up her policy on police, literally, as “don’t throw more good money after bad”.

Ted Wheeler told KOIN news yesterday he has a plan.  Actually, he has a plan for how to make up a plan.  In other words, it’s still vapor.

Wheeler claims he has stepped up prosecution of rioting criminals but DA does prosecution…not the mayor, so that’s just a lie.

The Future Former Mayor of Portland says he will work out a deal with the Sheriff and the State cops for election night, but when he tried that two weeks ago, they told him to pound sand…no tear gas for crowd control, no deal

So, the same man who just had to illegally loan his own campaign 150 grand of his own money…has to agree to tear gas his rioting Antifa buddies so they don’t burn the city down.