Lars Thoughts – This Is Sure To Wake The 420 Crowd

By Lars Larson

I’m not sure they still teach kids in schools that America is “a national of laws, not a nation of men”, but I believe that’s that’s the only way to run a constitutional government. Voters and lawmakers made recreational pot legal in Oregon, Washington, Colorado and now California.

The congress hasn’t changed its pot laws. And other states have the right not to legalize. The Obama DOJ adopted the so called “Cole memo” which promised to play “hands off” states with legal pot as long as they kept it in their borders.

Oregon’s state police say a billion dollars worth of illegal pot flows out of the beaver state and into other non recreational states, and that violates the Cole memo.

Today, AG sessions rescinded the Cole memo, which might mean federal prosecutions for pot in recreational states. That’s the rule of law. If states could supercede federal law we could get rid of a lot of pesky rules on the environment, employment and immigration.

The congress could change the law anytime, but even the heavily democrat party NW congressional delegations haven’t yet fired up that blunt. But until we change that Constitution, this country is still a nation of laws, not men, no matter what the 420 crowd says.  

I’ll wait for their “doobie-us” response today.        



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