Lars Thoughts – SeaTac Should Follow Portland’s Example

By Lars Larson

The law makes monopolies illegal in America, unless of course the government approves them.

Our power companies here in the Northwest offer an example of a government enforced monopoly. But the government also limits the profits that such monopolies can make. Airports are another matter.

My friend, Pulitzer prize winning investigative journalist Nigel Jaquiss points out that at Seatac, the monopoly created by government let’s stores inside the airport charge travelers outrageous prices for things like food and water, it’s a captive audience. Portland airport only lets them charge so called street prices. It means a lot more local businesses featured at the airport rather than the same old chains you see in the rest of America.

That’s fair and as Jaquiss points out, the 60-thousand daily travelers who pass through spend fifty percent more, and that’s good for the businesses. Good service delivered to citizens, isn’t that what good government means?  But now labor unions want to change that, jack up the prices, jack up the wages, and rip off consumers.  The only question now is whether the Port of Portland will help fleece the public, to help its union friends.

I hope the politicians see their real job as public service, and I hope someday Seatac airport follow’s Portland’s example.



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