Lars Thoughts – More School Funding = Worse Results?

By Lars Larson
It’s time for honesty about our public schools.
Politicians routinely talk about “preserving our great schools” but let’s take a close look at what they produce. Of the kids who make it to 9th grade, only 70 percent graduate. Washington state does a bit better at 77 percent. Taken together, the public schools fail a quarter of all students.
What’s great about that? And of the kids who don’t drop out, the latest test scores show 60 percent of students fail to make the grade in math, 45 percent in reading and writing in Oregon, with Washington state a bit better but not much.
Every year we’re told that schools could be much better if the taxpayers only pony up another billion or two, and they do. The latest numbers show declines in test scores after the new money poured in, and they’re now asking for more money. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.
Our public school administrators are ready for that straight jacket.



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