Lars Thoughts – Ron Wyden, The Senator Worth Tens Of Millions Needs Your Money

It’s pathetic when the multi millionaire wife of a United States Senator goes begging for money to keep her business going.

Now, if the Senator was a Republican, the news media would be in full tilt condemnation.

But this time it’s the wife of the Democrat U.S. Senator from Oregon.

Well, actually Ron Wyden lives with his family in New York City but he purportedly represents a state two thousand miles away..

The Senator married well because his wife’s daddy left her the Big Apple’s most well known bookstore, The Strand.

Public disclosure forms show she and the Senator are worth as much as 56 million bucks.

Now, I love books but let’s be honest…bricks and mortar bookstores have been dying for years thanks to online sellers like Amazon.  In fact, the Senator and his wife plugged several hundred thousand bucks into Amazon stock this year…at the same time China Virus hit the bookstore hard and The Strand was laying off hundreds of unionized workers…despite getting a loan for a couple of million bucks from taxpayers.

The Senator and his wife get about a million bucks a year from book sales…and another million from renting space in real estate.  In new york city both of those businesses are in trouble…

So, could you spare a few bucks for a needy senator and his family?