Lars Thoughts – Queen Kate Brown Acts Like Royalty Demanding Things Be Done Her Way Or Else You See The Inside Of A Jail Cell

Kate Brown’s latest moves on the China Virus show the Governor is drunk with power, claiming authority she doesn’t have in the state constitution.

I’m concerned with the pandemic too, but I don’t see the government handling it well.

A week ago, Governor Brown announced she could send you to jail if you gather on Thanksgiving in a group bigger than six.  Friday, she demanded that you narc on your neighbors and call police if you see violations of the Brown lockdown

Putting someone in jail takes passage of a law…which Governor Brown hasn’t done.  She just issued another executive order to join the literally dozens she’s handed down over the last 10 months.

Already, many local sheriffs say they won’t enforce it

Some police have done the same…and at least one district attorney, Doug Marteenee.

The state restaurant association has sued the governor in court…that’s thousands of businesses around Oregon.

And many citizens have decided that Police State Kate is a joke.

Remember that the thousands of covid cases we’re seeing right now are the result of Governor Brown’s mishandling of the emergency.

And now that the horse is out of the barn, she wants to shut the door?

Brown lost the trust of citizens a long time ago so she’s reduced to sitting in the Governor’s mansion handing down edicts?  “Off with their heads”.  Remind you of anyone?