Kate Brown sure knows how to spin

The Governor flatly refused to meet with Homeland Security when federal officers landed in the riot torn streets of Portland a couple of weeks ago

This week, Katie demanded the White House pull its specialized, border patrol riot squad known as BORTEC out of Portland.

Now she claims to have won the battle.  Eh, Not quite

The White House, from the start of the riots two months ago, said very clearly “clean up your own streets or we’ll do it for you”

Portlandia, under the lackluster leadership of soon to be former Mayor Ted Wheeler, refused and more violence came from the events reporters still call “mostly peaceful” .

Who you gonna call? BORTEC came, they saw, they kicked some aah, well you know.

In a press release, the governor brags that the White House has, quote, “agreed to my demand(s)”. Well, not quite.

Brown agreed to send her state police…two months too late.

And the Feds stay till it happens.

    Just a couple of hours ago, Portland cops started clearing the encampment of rioters out of Lownsdale square.

    I’m sure Ted and Kate plan a victory lap in their battle with Orange Man, but anyone paying attention knows who the real appeasers are.

   That’s the Rose City Rap.  There’s more, just vote for me on your radio