Lars Thoughts: Portland City Council’s Attack On ICE

By Lars Larson

Check the hypocrisy of government.

You want to camp on public property? No problem…violate the rules all you want.

Defecate in doorways? No problem.

March in the streets? No permit needed.

City Hall ignores that kind of thing on a daily basis. What about street protests…even the kind that leaves storefront windows broken and piles of things on fire. Northwest politicians got your back.

But let’s say you’re a federal law enforcement agency.

Well, in that case, a whole different set of rules apply. The ICE agency that enforces immigration law runs an office in SW Portland. Protestors shut down the office for a week and city hall did nothing…in fact, told Police officers “hands off”.

ICE then put up a fence to keep the hooligans out.

Now the city has cited ICE for violating fence rules…and city council member Chloe Eudaly asked the city attorney if Portland can revoke the permit that lets ICE operate in the city.

This morning in a tweet, Eudaly says “ unfortunately, (the)) Council cannot revoke ICE’s Conditional Use permit. It’s indefinite unless there is a violation of the Conditional Use terms, which we have no evidence of. But this setback won’t stop #AbolishICE momentum.”

Even if you agree with the anti-ICE movement…you should be very wary of any government that selectively enforces laws based on who’s in favor at city hall and who’s not.



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