Lars Thoughts – Pelosi Wants To Leave Struggling Americans Waiting For Covid Relief Out In The Cold

The China virus has put a lot of Americans in a world of hurt.  Incomes down or jobs gone…businesses that evaporated in a few weeks as the country reacted to the pandemic invasion of our country

Congress shoveled out literally trillions of dollars to help individuals and businesses in three different plans called “stimulus”

Now there’s another stimulus plan on the table and Donald Trump promised as recently as last night’s debate to sign it

The problem is, Nancy Pelosi and the democrats won’t pass the plan.

It all comes down to two basic issues.

First issue: Pelosi and her democrat party friends believe that if they hold up the help that should be coming to you, they can help Joe Biden win the election in ten days

Problem is, a lot of you need the help NOW.  If you want a picture of why Nancy thinks waiting a few weeks to get you help isn’t a problem…she owns  24 thousand dollar refrigerator in her kitchen loaded with thousands of dollars in fancy ice cream.

While many of you don’t know how you’re gonna pay the rent seven days from now

Second issue:  a lot of states have run themselves into literally hundreds of billions of dollars in debt mostly by making pension promises

People like Jay Inslee and Kate Brown have not the slightest clue how they’re going to pay for that

But now they and Pelosi see an opportunity

As long as Congress is shoveling out money for people who fell victim to a pandemic through no fault of their own…why not ask that the federal government also bail out the Democrat governments of states like Oregon and Washington…oh, and add in the big blue cities too cause they’re also in trouble…and pay off bills they very much had control over…bad debts from decades of bad decision making

I want to give you an idea of the true scope of the problem because Kate Brown has been lying about it for years

If Oregon state and local governments…that includes your local schools, police departments and jails…if they NEVER EVER HIRE ANOTHER PUBLIC EMPLOYEE the amount they must pay in pensions over the next 30 years is one quarter of a trillion dollars…250 billion dollars.  That’s enough money to fund the state general fund budget of Oregon for 20 years at current rates.

One quarter of a trillion dollars…money they don’t have.  But money they might get added to the stimulus plan on capitol hill.

President Trump wants to help citizens pay for rent and groceries and the necessities of life…but he’s told Pelosi NO when it comes to bailing out failed democrat governments…

Last night, Joe Biden told America in the final debate that it can’t get done.  President Trump told America he will sign the package…and he promised the republican senate will pass it

But Nancy Pelosi is keeping your stimulus check chilled down in her SubZero refrigerator…right next to the ten dollar a pint gelato.