Lars Thoughts – Oregon’s Government Says Keeping You Informed Is “Too Much Work”

This week provides a great example of why so many of us despise government .

Governor Kate Brown demands you follow her edicts, even if belied by science and common sense.

But accountability from self described “public servants”?

Not a chance.

The Oregon Health Authority, source of so much deception during the China Virus announces it won’t any longer provide details on citizens who die.

KXL news director Jim Ferretti demandes an explanation

OHA flatly refused.

Then today, Kate’s lapdog fishwrapper, Oregon live, cited state officials who announced, wait for it…it’s too much work.

Consider the facts.

State workers missed no paychecks this past year.  Many made MORE money

Citizens got hammered

State service to citizens dropped as agencies shut down.

Taxes stayed the same

The government class prospered…set the rules…and demands absolute compliance…from the people they supposedly serve

But now they decide that sharing the information we PAID them to gather is “too much work”?

If I told Kate Brown, right here, what I think of that, another government agency would fine me for my free speech.