Lars Thoughts: On Trump’s Supreme Court Pick

By Lars Larson

Break out the Ritalin, the left is going full-on nuts over President Trump’s pick of Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court.

Judge Kavanaugh presents some real existential threats to the left. He’s pro-life, he’s pro-gun, and he believes in following the Constitution as originally written. If Democrat Senators up for re-election vote for his confirmation, their blue state voters may kick them out of office. If they vote against him, that’s just obstructionist.

And there’s not much in Kavanaugh’s record they can legitimately object to.

In fact, the only flaw in Kavanaugh for conservatives…his decision on Obamacare that helped Chief Justice John Roberts sell out Americans by declaring it constitutional…that’s actually a plus for the liberals. Instead, you have up for re-election types like Maria Cantwell saying she doesn’t like his position on, get this, Net Neutrality?

What’s really going on here is that President Trump has nominated a solid choice, he’s going to be confirmed by the Senate, Democrats will look either silly or sell out…and the Supreme Court will be firmly Constitutional for the better part of the next half-century.

What’s not to like.



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