Lars Thoughts: On Those Allegations Against Kavanaugh

By Lars Larson

This Thursday, the United States Senate votes to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the United States Supreme Court.

Democrats are desperate to stop that but they’ve had a devil of a time finding anything in Kavanaugh’s record to object to. Now it turns out that Senator Diane Feinstein has – for three months –  been sitting on a letter from a woman who claims that 36 years ago, Kavanaugh and a friend tried to assault her at a high school party.

He denies it. The friend denies it.

And get this: Christine Blasey Ford claims that when this awful assault allegedly happened, she didn’t tell anyone!

Now, I get why a 15 year old might not call the cops, or her parents or the school. But her official story is that she told NO ONE for 30 years, till her story came up in couple’s therapy and in that version there were four boys in the assault and she didn’t name Kavanaugh.

Tell me about that time something terrifying and awful happen to you in high school…and you don’t tell ANYONE about it at the time, not even your best friend. And then you go public when it has the potential to wreck a supreme court nominee and no one can prove it didn’t happen.

Anita Hill made false accusations against Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. As a result, she’s written books popular in Democrat Party circles and commands speaking fees of 30-to-50-thousand dollars. Juanita Broaddrick was raped by then Arkansas Attorney General Bill Clinton and told people about it at the time.

Clinton never faced charges and went on to become President of the United States.



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