Lars Thoughts – Northwest Governors Threatens Citizens With Delayed Vaccines But Is It Another Lie?

Sometimes, I’m actually glad when politicians lie to us.

Case in point.

Warp Speed launched at the end of April to quickly come up with vaccines for the China Virus.  A partnership between private pharma companies and the Trump administration with its 10 billion in taxpayer cash…and government red tape slashed away by the President.

Doctors told me at the time it would be a year and a half to 2 years, minimum.

7 months later…we have three vaccines only waiting on government approval and forecasts this morning that some of the vaccine will be in doctor’s hands only two weeks from now.

Now as for the lie.

Before the election, a cabal of Democrat Governors, including Jay Inslee and Kate Brown vowed that they would hold up distribution of any Trump vaccine until they had independently verified its safety.  I figure they did it just to jab at Trump…and sound like anti vaxxers

Kate & Jay didn’t explain exactly HOW they would do that…nor WHY a vaccine that has been through tens of thousands of trials with human patients, approved by the pharma company and approved by the FDA would need a double check.

The two Governors haven’t backed off their claim.  So I’m assuming that while people here in the Northwest watch reports of people everywhere else getting the vaccine we will be told that it must get that doublecheck first.

Like I said, every once in a while, I’m happy when politicians lie.

I expect Kate and Jay are putting the ink on their rubber stamps for approval…which is likely to take about ten nanoseconds.