Lars Thoughts – We Need To Be Careful Who Immigrates To Our Country

By Lars Larson

President Trump often has a pungent way of describing the biggest issues of the day.  

This week, for example, his characterization of Haiti and some African countries as, shall we say, Outhouse countries. He allegedly used a barnyard term that the FCC forbids me to say on the radio, I say allegedly because while a number of democrats in the room say he used the term “S-hole”, the President denies it this morning, and republicans in the room have taken the coward’s way out of this fight with a hearty “no comment”.   

Do I think that democrats would lie and mischaracterize this President to damage him, just ask Hillary Clinton and Michael Wolff. Do I think the President sometimes sticks his foot in his mouth.  Absolutely. But I’ll tell you something I know? There are crap hole countries on Earth. Some of the people who emigrate from those places are good people and others are not.  

And I think that America should start carefully deciding who immigrates to our country. We are the single most generous country on earth in charity and refuge, but we should not do so much that we harm our own people.



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