Lars Thoughts – Where Is The Media On Harvey Weinstein?

By Lars Larson

Harvey Weinstein’s late breaking sex scandal represents a rare and disturbing window into the world of politics and media: the silence is deafening.  

Until last Thursday, Weinstein ranked as one of the most powerful figures in movies and entertainment.  That paid off when his alleged sexual assaults on women over the past couple of decades threatened to break out.  The New York Times finally broke the ice, and a flood of women have come forward telling of Weinstein’s disgusting acts.  

He’s been fired from his own company.

But America’s late night TV hosts, usually not shy about politics and controversy, were so strangely silent on Weinstein last week that even left wing publications like Huffpo took note. Saturday Night Live didn’t say a word about Weinstein this weekend with executive Lorne Michaels saying “it’s a New York thing”. Hillary Clinton, allegedly a champion of women, but a recipient of political cash from Weinstein, silent.  

Then again, Hilary is married to the man who raped Juanita Broaddrick and was a serial sexual abuser, so maybe she finally understands that rule about people who live in glass houses. And a lot of mainstream reporters who knew about the story and didn’t write it, have a lot of explaining to do this week.



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