Lars Thoughts – I Like Real Stories, About Real American Heroes

By Lars Larson

Americans have always loved heroes.

But so many of our heroes lately are fictional or even cartoon characters. I prefer the real kind: in this case, Anthony Sadler, U.S. Air Force Airman 1st class Spencer Stone and Oregon National Guard member Alek Skarlatos.

Two and a half years ago, these childhood friends took a trip to Europe. They were onboard a train from Amsterdam to Paris when a Jihadi launched an attack. Ayoub El Khazzani had a semi-automatic rifle and 270 rounds of ammunition. It could have been deadly, but the three friends brought down this terrorist and only two were wounded. Stone, one of our American heroes nearly had his throat cut by El Khazzani, and another passenger whose life was saved by the quick actions of these three.  

Clint Eastwood, who ranks as one of America’s best film actors and directors decided to tell the story of these heroes, starring the real-life heroes playing themselves. It’s called the 15:17 to Paris, and we’re doing a premiere for the movie tonight with listeners who’ve won tickets.   

It’s worth thinking about, what would you do if you ever had the opportunity to be the hero, knowing what it could cost you.   



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