Lars Thoughts – Kate Brown Is As Transparent As Mud At The Cost Of Oregon’s Economy

Governor Kate Brown promised she’d run the most transparent administration in history.

As the China Virus arrived in America early last year, I learned that the Oregon Health Authority was monitoring hundreds of people who might be sick.

OHA flatly refused to release the information even though Oregon’s public records law requires it be made public.

Now the OHA has announced it won’t identify people who have died of China Virus…even though it has done so for nearly a year.

OHA gets a lot of heat because people often find out they’ve been lying…so now they’re clamping down on info.

My colleague, KXL news director Jim Ferretti, just reported this morning the OHA has known for 3 weeks that the Tri County Portland area meets the covid criteria for greater opening of businesses…but it kept the info to itself…to the detriment of those who want to get life back to normal.

Democrat politics might explain why OHA and Kate wanted to make it look like the good news didn’t arrive till they could credit it to China Joe Biden.

It might also explain why they slow walked vaccine distribution…nearly the slowest in America.

It might explain why the CDC says the elderly should get vaccine priority…but the Governor has put her labor union friends first in line.

It might explain it…but you need information to make explanation…and Kate’s OHA has insured that’s ALSO in short supply.