Lars Thoughts – Joe Biden Proves Once Again To America That He’s As Transparent As Mud

The President announces his nomination for the Supreme Court this Saturday.

It illustrates one of the stark differences between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

Trump showed Americans his list of potential Judge nominees almost five years ago before his election and he’s stuck to that list.

Joe Biden told a reporter yesterday he has a list but refuses to tell YOU, the American voters who’s on it.

Federal Judges decide cases every week that affect the liberty of Americans: Their jobs, their property, their businesses…and in criminal cases, their freedom.  Trump’s not afraid to tell us who he plans to pick because he has judges with solid records of sticking to the law and the constitution.

 If I had to guess, Biden plans to install activist Judges who don’t feel constrained by that old moldy Constitution. They want to write new laws without  of course answering to you voters.

That’s why Biden refuses to tell us who’s on his list.

It’s why he’s unworthy of your vote.

And it’s just ONE of the reasons Trump heads to a landslide victory in November…while Joe, poor ole Joe doesn’t exactly know where he’s going.