Lars Thoughts – Jobs Or Mobs, Those Are Your Choices This November

The minute America passes Labor Day a pandemic of election ads assault your ears and eyes.

Don’t worry.  I offer you a simple phrase to help you navigate

Mobs or jobs.

  Consider.  America’s booming, Donald Trump economy poses the biggest barrier to a Joe Biden Presidency.

    The Horny Hick from Arkansas, Billy Clinton, lived by a simple admonition:  It’s the economy, stupid.  He won two terms despite the scandals

Where do we stand today?

Millions unemployed, yes.  Thanks to the China Virus and the lies told by the Country it came from.  Trump has been tough on China.  Joe Biden has been a China apologist and his family made millions from the Communists.

The creepy nuzzler hiding in his basement promises big regulations, high taxes and massive government…job killers.

Trump’s economy put 1.8 million Americans BACK to work just last month.  American manufacturing is rockin’.  American employers now offer up 6 million available jobs.

Meanwhile, rioting mobs occupy many cities.

Donald Trump has been tough on that, while Democrat leaders refuse to condemn the violence.

So if you find the onslaught of advertising tough to take…just remember:

Mobs or Jobs.

      There’s more where that came from. Just vote for me on your radio.