Lars Thoughts – It Ain’t Over Until The Electoral College Sings

This morning, workers are still counting the votes from last Tuesday’s election

But Saturday the major media in America decided to go ahead and declare a winner.

Joe Biden.  They say he got the electoral college votes.

As of this morning, Joe Biden has Zero votes.

The electoral college doesn’t meet for more than a month.

And electors cast their votes based on certified votes from Americans like you.

Not a single state has yet certified a vote.

Apparently I missed the part in the Constitution where it says Fox news and CNN decide Presidential elections and NOT voters

President Donald Trump wants a fact check…on votes that came in after the election was over…on votes from the dead, a long time democrat tradition

We have lots of fact checking these days.  Facebook does it.  Twitter does it to an obnoxious degree.

The Mueller Russia Trump conspiracy two year, forty million dollar fact check that

Came up dry.

But suddenly the media elites don’t want a fact check on a Presidential election.

In the year 2000, we waited a month for Al Gore’s fact checks and court challenges.

Gore conceded the election December 12th.  Many in the media demand Trump concede immediately

In the meantime they call Joe Biden President elect.  Fake news lives