Lars Thoughts: Is Unity Really Possible?

By Lars Larson

Nine bombs sent to prominent American political activists is a criminal act of terror no matter who’s behind them.

It only took hours for major media, including bomb target CNN, to start throwing blame at Donald Trump for this, even though the President condemned the terrorism and asked that we close the divisions in this country.

Now we’re hearing folks like the New York Times pleading for unity too…except that just two days ago, the Times decided to publish a work of Trump assassination pornography.

The Times asked five authors to write a story about the next chapter in the Trump Presidency. Author Zoe Sharp imagined the Russians, who in her story caused the election of Trump, send a professional assassin to put a bullet in the President. When his gun jams, a member of the Secret Service hands the assassin a gun and says, “here, use mine”.

Trump derangement syndrome infected American liberals the night of November 8, 2016 and they never recovered.

They’ve fantasized about impeachment, indictment and now assassination of the President…and these are the folks who now plead for unity?



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