Lars Thoughts – I Stand By Saying His Name, But I Didn’t Blow The Whistle On The Whistle-Blower

Let’s talk about so called “whistleblower”.  I mentioned his name on Fox News yesterday and liberals run around like their hair’s on fire.  The name’s been out there on the net for nearly a week, including the twitter account of Don Trump Junior who was on my show this week. I’m certainly not the first to name him.  Who he is is hugely significant to why he filed that now infamous complaint. I read the entire complaint back in September when it came out. Most reporters who called me last night admit they have not. Then I read the transcript of President Trump’s phone call to the Ukrainian President.  The transcript shows every bit of the complaint is false. So, why would he write this fiction. For that you need to know who he is: He’s a government employee…he worked in the Obama White House and directly with Joe Biden. He’s a democrat and apparently an activist. He coordinated his filing with the office of congressman “shifty” Schiff.  Democrats have used fiction for decades to achieve political goals. Hillary used the false Steele Dossier against candidate Trump. Didn’t work. False accusations were used against Justice Brett Kavanaugh. And now we have the proposed removal of a President…based on a piece of fiction. The American people deserve to know who’s making these false charges and why …and for that, you need his name…which I have every reason to believe is Eric Ciaramella


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