Members of Congress like Ilhan Omar and Rashida Talib regularly share their anti-Jewish rants.  But I never expected it from the Pacific Northwest. Let me explain because you kinda need a map. The Portland Trailblazers have cut ties to a great Northwest Company called Leupold & Stevens.  Now, I have a dog in this fight as I’ve equipped nearly all my rifles with Leupold scopes. You might expect that the basketball team has dumped the scope maker as a response to the anti-gun types in America.  But that’s not the case. As my friends at Willamette week explain, Leupold & Stevens had sponsored a regular segment at Moda Center called Hometown Heroes, meant to honor local military veterans and first responders with free tickets, gifts and in-game recognition.  While the ‘Blazers officially don’t give a reason for parting company with Leupold…it has come under pressure lately from Portland’s “Democrat Socialists of America”.  DSA doesn’t like Leupold supplying scopes for the rifles used by the Israeli Defense Forces. The Democrat socialists support Palestinians…who, by the way, want all the Jews dead and Israel erased from the world map.  DSA blames Leupold for supplying the equipment the IDF sometimes uses to kill Palestinian terrorists, which I think is a great idea. Those terrorists kill women and children in pursuit of their “drive the Jews into the ocean” Jihad.  And now the Blazers have dropped Leupold. The DSA has now thanked the Blazers specifically for, quote “end(ing) this completely unnecessary partnership with a company that has provided sniper scopes to a brutal occupying force”. And just in case you wonder why I label Democrat Socialists of America as people who hate the Jews…they plan to protest the Blazers about a week from now for having the Chutzpah to play against a Jewish team from Haifa.  Frankly, I find the folks who support Palestinian terrorists more than a little bit meshuggeneh.