Lars Thoughts – Forget Nero And His Fiddle, Ted Wheeler Prefers Getting Hit With A Bottle As His City Burns

As we come to the end of the week and brace for more riots and destruction in Portlandia’s nightly downtown goat rope.

     Time to take stock.

     Mayor Feckless Ted Wheeler tried a little virtue signaling in the riot zone.

     Even a security detail didn’t stop the physical attacks, although the mayor strangely mentioned when he was hit in the head with a bottle that it’s just what he needed.

     The rioters hate the Mayor and want his resignation

     They also hate President Trump

     Rioters hate the cops…with their signature slogan spray painted on every flat surface in sight, “all cops are bastards”.  28 cops injured so far and three federal officers may be blind for life.

     No regard for the law, fellow citizens or private property.  Do you really think they give a damn about George Floyd.  It’s an excuse to riot.

     Mayor Wheeler lacks the spine or other anatomy to do anything

     But he whines, incessantly, when President Trump takes action.

     Commissioner Joanne Hardesty accuses the police of arson

     Governor Brown refuses to condemn the violence and property destruction and do anything to stop it

     Yet she claims the authority to make your 5 year old wear a mask.

     And in the background, we hear the Greek Chorus of reporters and anchors chanting the refrain “mostly peaceful, mostly peaceful”

    And the city burns.