Lars Thoughts: Does This Sound Like Leadership?

By Lars Larson

People here in the northwest better pray for the wheat farmers and resident who live east of the Cascades…because the folks in charge are relatively clueless when it comes to dealing with fires.

Governor Kate Brown held a news conference yesterday on the specific issue of the fires and yet when I asked her whether she would call up the Global Supertanker, she had to defer to a subordinate, and he had to defer to a nameless person in the federal government who’s actually calling the shots.

Does that sound like leadership?

One person has already died and the fires grew 40 percent between yesterday and today…now burning 70 thousand acres and 85 percent uncontained.

Then the Governor’s forestry department man, David Graff, had to admit that last year’s catastrophic Chetco Bar fire, was made worse because the federal government turned down the governor’s request to fight the fire early and he said their priorities were not “aligned”.

Graff says he hopes that the two governments have their priorities better aligned this year.

We all do, I think.



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