Lars Thoughts – Is There A Coup Against Trump?

By Lars Larson

When you hear about a coup or a political takeover, you’re usually hearing about a third world country, or to use the President’s term, an S-hole.  

But a brand new classified memo about abuse by the Department of Justice and the FBI makes the case that America is seeing an attempted political coup against President Trump right now. Members of congress who have seen this classified document say it shows crimes by members of the Obama administration, where the so called Steele dossier, a fake document paid for by the Democrat National Committee and the Clinton Presidential campaign, was used by the FBI to obtain a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance warrant for wiretaps of candidate Trump and President Elect Trump.  

I talked to Florida congressman Matt Gaetz last night and he says the info he saw was worse than Watergate and won’t lead only to firing members of the FBI and DOJ, he believes it will lead to prison time, and he’s demanding the memo be made public.  

Let’s say we call it “Obamagate”.



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