Lars Thoughts – Can We Trust There Will Be a Life Sentence for Jeremy Christian?

Let’s talk about politicians, promises and people in prison.

I hear satisfied sounds at the sentence for MAX train killer Jeremy Christian after a vicious knife attack left two dead. Life in prison: no chance of parole.  Yeah, sure.  Let me remind you, politicians and the court system have lied to us a lot lately. Measure 11, passed twice by voters, gutted by deceitful democrats. Dozens on death row given a pass by Kate Brown.  Hundreds prepped for early release from prison with China Virus as the excuse.  20 million dollars damage done to downtown Portland by riots and looting.  Multnomah County’s shiny new DA already explains why he finds it so hard to prosecute those who did the deeds.  Mike Schmidt is a social justice warrior after all.  And in every city hall in the Northwest, when the mob in the street demands we cut police and close prisons, the community’s elected leaders can’t find their knees fast enough. You want me to believe that a few years from now, these pandering politicians won’t find an excuse to let Christian go?  We’ve seen it happen too much lately to have any faith they’ll keep him locked up.  But go ahead: lie to yourself if it makes you feel better.

Feelings Trump facts, right?