Lars Thoughts – After Countless Lies From NW Government People Are Saying Enough Is Enough

As West Coast Governors issue their pandemic shutdown dictates, citizens have grown wise to the outright hypocrisy.

100 lawmakers and lobbyists from states like Washington and California junketed to hawaii this week despite the advisories against travel and socializing

California’s Governor laid down rules forbidding gatherings that might put you at risk of the China Virus but he attended a birthday party for a friend: Rules for Thee but not for me?

Oregon’s Governor, Police State Kate, threatens jail time and fines for those who break her rules. As she put it, “I’m not asking.  I’m telling you what to do”.

We’ve all had a steep learning curve since January but we soaked up the lessons about the risks…and now we can make our own decisions.  But elected elites…who never seem to follow their own rules…seem bound and determined to make citizens understand…you serve the almighty state and not the other way around.

The latest public opinion polls show most people have had their fill.  They don’t trust the government to make good decisions…because its track record frankly sucks.

Small business owners have been nearly destroyed by the virus response so far and some have begun to rebel.  A Gym in Seattle, a bar in Portland…and I expect to hear more as this goes on

Now the Governor promises State Police may crash your Thanksgiving celebration?  I think Kate is careful how far she pushes freedom loving citizens.