Lars’ 2020 NW General Election Picks And Voter Suggestions

You’ve asked for weeks, and here it is, Lars’ picks for the 2020 election cycle broken down by state.


Donald J. Trump



Secretary of State Contact Information For Questions


[email protected]

Phone Numbers


360-725-0377 (Corporations and Charities Division)

Street Address

Legislative Building
416 Sid Snyder Ave SW
Olympia, WA 98501

Mailing Address

PO Box 40220
Olympia, WA 98504-0220

State Leadership

Governor: Loren Culp

Lt. Governor: Write-in Joshua Freed

Attorney General: Matt Larkin 

Insurance Commissioner: Chirayu Avinash Patel

Superintendent of Public Instruction: Maia Espinoza

Washington State Supreme Court

Position #3: Judge Dave Larson

U.S. Congress 

District 1: Jeffrey Beeler 

District 2: Timothy Hazelo  

District 3: Jaime Herrera Beutler 

District 4: Dan Newhouse 

District 5: Cathy McMorris Rodgers 

District 6: Elizabeth Kreiselmaier 

District 7: Craig Keller 

District 8: Jesse Jensen 

District 9: Douglas Michael Basler 


State Legislature

District 1 State Senator: Arthur Coday Jr.

District 2 State Senator: Jim McCune

District 3 State Senator: Dave Lucas

District 4 State Senator: Mike Padden

District 9 State Senator: Mark Schoesler

District 10 State Senator: Ron Muzzall

District 16 State Senator: Perry Dozler

District 17 State Senator: Lynda Wilson

District 18 State Senator: Ann Rivers

District 19 State Senator: Jeff Wilson

District 22 State Senator: Garry Holland

District 23 State Senator: Pam Madden-Boyer

District 28 State Senator: Sev O’Ban

District 49 State Senator: Rey Reynolds


Measures & Referendums

Referendum 90 (Expanded Sex Ed In Schools): NO



Secretary of State Contact Information For Questions


[email protected]

Phone Numbers

Toll free 1-866-673-VOTE (1-866-673-8683)
Fax 503-373-7414

Street Address

Public Service Building Suite 501
255 Capitol St. NE
Salem OR 97310

Mailing Address

Public Service Building Suite 501
255 Capitol St. NE
Salem OR 97310

State Leadership
Secretary of State for Oregon: Kim Thatcher

State Treasurer for Oregon: Jeff Gudman

Attorney General -Write-in Josh Marquis

Mayor Of Portland

Write-in Candidate: Joseph Whitcomb

U.S. Senate 

(versus incumbent Jeff Merkley): Jo Rae Perkins


U.S. Congress

District 1: Chris Christenson 

District 2: Cliff Bentz

District 3: Joanna Harbo

District 4: Alek Skarlatos

District 5: Amy R Courser


State Legislature

9th District, State Senator: Fred F Girod

12th District, State Senator: Brian Boquist   

28th District, State Senator: Dennis Linthicum  

30th District, State Senator: Lynn Findley   

16th District, State Representative: Shelly Boshart Davis

18th District, State Representative: Rick Lewis

23rd District, State Representative: Mike Nearman

26th District, State Representative: Peggy Stevens 

27th District, State Representative: Sandra Nelson

35th District, State Representative: Bob Niemeyer  

37th District, State Representative: Kelly Sloop 

38th District, State Representative: Patrick Castles

39th District, State Representative: Christine Drazan

40th District, State Representative: Josh Howard 

41st District, State Representative: Michael Newgard

51st District, State Representative: Jane J Hays   

52nd District, State Representative: Jeff Helfrich 

59th District, State Representative: Daniel G Bonham


Measures & Referendums

Measure 107 (Campaign Finance Limits): NO

Measure 108 (200% tobacco tax increase): NO

Measure 109 (Allow magic mushrooms for medical use): NO

Measure 110 (Decriminalize drug use): NO

Measure 26-218 (Permanent Tax Increase for Metro) NO



U.S. Senate: Jim Risch 

District 1:Russ Fulcher

District 2: Michael K. Simpson 


State Legislature

District 1 State Senator: Jim Woodward 

District 5 State Senator: Dan Foreman 

District 10 State Senator: Jim Rice

District 12 State Senator: Todd Lakey

District 16 State Senator: LeeJoe Lay

District 18 State Senator: Mark Bost

District 19 State Senator: Aaron Tribble

District 23 State Senator: Christy Zito

District 26 State Senator: Eric Parker