Kotek’s New Housing Plan Is As Bad As You Would Imagine

Northwest lawmakers promise to solve lots of problems.

But mostly, they just spend your money.  

And most of the time, that makes the problems worse.

A new, 200-million dollar spending plan hits Governor Tina Kotek’s desk today…fresh off a vote in the legislature last night.

Now, don’t laugh. 

Democrats claim it will solve the state’s major shortfall of houses and apartments.

They also claim it will get homeless off the streets.

The plan offers rent subsidies, which don’t exactly inspire creation of any new housing.

They fund expanded homeless shelters, which we’ve already seen draw more homeless to the Northwest for all the freebies, weed and drugs the region already offers.

The law gives deadbeats an out from eviction.

Yeah, that’s really gonna bring developers in.

“Build some apartments and homes here, and we will encourage your tenants not to pay the rent”. 

If you’re not convinced by that evidence, consider this:  for 9 long years, Tina Kotek held the 2nd most powerful job in Oregon…Speaker of the House.  She claims she made housing her top priority…and look where we sit today. 

Now she’s Governor and Kotek promises that in her new job, she will solve the problem she only made worse in her last job.

If you voted for that, you’re a fool.