Knives on a Train

By Lars Larson

Jeremy Christian richly deserves Oregon’s death penalty, if convicted.

Christian stands accused of murdering two men who came to the defense of two young women who appear, by all accounts to be the only latest victims of his vitriol.

Based on eyewitnesses and video of Christian he hates EVERYONE: “F*** all you Christians and Muslims and f***ing Jews , f***ing die. Burn you at the stakeā€¦ f***ing die.” (Video on TriMet from J. Christian)

Don’t hold your breath for the wussified Multnomah County DA’s office to seek the penalty Oregon voters chose for heinous crimes like this.

Even if a jury convicts him and then sentences him to die, don’t hold your breath as the Oregon Courts will help Christian live for decades with endless appeals, fueled with taxpayer funds (we pay both sides in Oregon appeals, defense and prosecution, despite the fact that’s NOT what the Constitution requires).

When the courts are finally done with Christian an Oregon Governor like Kate Brown or Kitzhaber will refuse to enforce THAT law anyway.

That’s the future of Jeremy Christian.

His past includes plenty of evidence that Oregon Government at all levels 1) knew he was dangerous and 2) did as little as legally possible to sanction him for increasingly violent and provocative behavior.

As a felon, he was caught in possession of a firearm. Oregon has a mandatory minimum for felon in possession: 5 years in prison. But the Feds took the case and he got time served and probation, which he violated without much consequence. Thursday night last week, he began a profane rant on public transit and talked about stabbing someone.

Were police called? Did TriMet order him excluded? Did they ever do that?

Friday night, he stabbed the three people who came to the defense of a woman in a hijab and her friend. Two heroes, Rick John Best, 53, of Happy Valley, 23 year old Taliesin Myrddin Namkai-Meche died. The other hero, 21 year old Micah Fletcher survived, but only just barely according to his doctors.

Fletcher is in the hospital recovering from his injuries.

There are plenty of zeroes too: Jeremy Christian sits in jail, accused of aggravated murder but we all know justice will be neither swift nor certain: I’m betting he takes the crazy option out of any real consequences.

TriMet, which always has more billions to spend on light rail, vows to increase security only now that blood has been spilled on the floor of one of its shiny MAX trains. Riders have been begging for more security for decades. Ask them if you don’t believe me. There’s a reason a brave PPB Sgt once described MAX in public testimony as “the crime train”.

The governor sticks to her vow not to execute killers and her Democrat friends in the legislature keep looking for excuses to close prisons.

Multnomah County just sold an unused $58M jail for $10m last week. Come on, let’s all say it together: “No one in this county needs to be locked up to ensure public safety- besides, we need more millions for the umpteenth “10 year plan to end homelessness”.

The Mayor will make all the right noises about “hate” and some of his friends will find a way to blame the President even though this accused killer was a supporter of the Commie candidate from Vermont.

DA Rod Underoos, who specializes in going after those who legitimately want to protect themselves, like Mike Strickland, likely won’t even ASK for capital punishment. Rod needs to be PC to protect incumbency. I wish someone had been on that train with a CCW pistol who could have popped Mr. Christian before his blade found a victim Friday afternoon, but Multnomah County ain’t safe anymore for self defense.

The Mayor may even get the excuse to shut down a parade or a rally because free speech kills, right? Not crazy-eyed known criminals with sharp knives.



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