Kate Brown’s Is Thankful For Gobbling Up Your Personal Freedoms

Kate and Jay sure know how to play the game.  The Northwest Governors have acted like dictators the past 600 days, deciding that royalty like them have no need to consult with the people’s representatives.

But like any bad King and Queen…they sense when the peasants get restless.

Yesterday, Kate Brown’s hapless Health Authority announced it’s dropping the rule for wearing masks in outdoor spaces…which I’ve noticed, most folks aren’t following anyway.

And then, big surprise, both state governments confirmed they’re working on electronic vaccine passports for citizens.

Now, they’re smart enough not to call them by the “P” word.  And most news reports you see and hear today won’t either.  Shiny, helpful, happy, convenient QR codes and electronic verification systems you load up on your smartphone.  Ain’t it cool.

Only some of us have been warning about the “Your papers please” style authoritarian governments Kate Brownshirt seem to like so much.

The same two democrats who steadfastly refuse to make voters show ID to cast a ballot…now want you and your vital statistics loaded up in a state database if you plan to work, shop, eat or travel.

But you can stop wearing that mask outside that you weren’t wearing anyway.

I hope that you and yours have a wonderful Happy Thanksgiving with your family and friends and remember all the ways God has blessed this exceptional country.

View the story from the Portland Tribune here: https://pamplinmedia.com/msp/129-news/529115-423039-oregon-drops-outdoor-mask-rule-plans-vaccine-verification-system