Kate Brown Shows She Doesn’t Care About Safety She Cares About Power

Oregon’s lame-duck Governor, Queen Kate of the Brownshirts, never seems to tire of reminding folks she has two sets of rules.

Rules for her subjects that she makes up without consulting their representatives.

And the rules that elites like her follow…or don’t:  it’s their choice.

This past weekend is a great example.  

Kate Brown went to Washington D.C. to hobnob with fellow elites at an LGBT event.

By the way, that does not stand for Let’s Go Brandon, Today.

Not a single Covid face mask in sight.  

Back at home, parents, whose kids have to spend their days in class masked up no matter what, were not pleased to say the least.

Oregon is one of only 6 states out of fifty that still has mask rules.

Not only that…the current rules are temporary…but Queen Kate’s bureaucracy is now demanding that the mask rules be made permanent.  That would make Oregon the ONLY state of fifty with permanent rules…and who knows when they will end.

So, permanent rules for her subjects…and Kate can do as she likes.

Liberal hypocrisy…absolutely.    

Democrat double standards or they’d have none at all.