Kate Brown – Oregon’s Christmas Chicken

”She flies with her own wings.”  Yes, that’s Oregon’s goofy state motto no one seems to understand or use.

But it fits accidental Governor Kate Brown…who lucked into her current job through the corruption of Kitzhaber.   Brown’s a perfect example of the Peter principle:  elites get promoted till they reach their own level of incompetence.

Brown has mandated like a maniac since the start of the pandemic…

She created the most draconian mask mandates in America without slowing covid.

Her vaccine mandates have now short-staffed many critical agencies like police, paramedics, nurses and teachers.

Last week Queen Kate flew off to a climate change dog and pony show in Scotland that didn’t do much for her subjects…but it might have burnished her bonafides for a place in the Biden bureaucracy.

She stopped off in DC to personally attend the signing of the trillion dollar infrastructure boondoggle bill…again, not much benefit for Oregonians but a great way to pitch the President for a job.

And then there’s her own, self-created snow globe, Christmassy face mask…a picture of which drew lots of attention on social media…but not necessarily in a good way.

Yes, “She flies with her own wings”…never on her dime and rarely for your benefit.