Joe Biden’s HHS Secretary Thinks It’s Okay To Mutilate Your Kids

(I hate to shock you this early in the morning, but) Do you think doctors should cut off the penises of teenage boys and remove the breasts of teenage girls?

No?  Me neither.

But guess who does believe in castration and mastectomy for your children?

Xavier Becerra, Joe Biden’s Secretary of Health and Human services.

Now if you find that crazy, so do I.  

Becerra spelled it out in written answers to questions from members of Congress.

Congresswoman Mary Miller Becerra his position on gender surgery for kids.

In his answer submitted two days ago, Becerra vows to support the World Professional Association for Trangender health “standard of care, version 8” which specifies both chemical and surgical mutilation of children.

In Oregon, any kid can get medical care without the permission of his parents at age 15.  In Washington state, 13 in the age of medical consent. 

And get this, the HHS Secretary says we taxpayers should pay the cost if any doctor determines that removing the breasts and penises of your underage kids is “medically necessary”.

We’re already hearing the horror stories of adults, who had this done as kids and now deeply regret it and can’t fix it

You don’t even have to guess whether I find this both horrifying and outrageous.

The question is…do you?