Joe Biden Needs To Take A Real Tour Of Portlandia

If he’s coming all the way to the Northwest I want Joe Biden to get the full tour here in Portlandia.

His itinerary only calls for Air Force One to touch down this afternoon,  a speech at the airport and then a quick visit with average Oregonians at Portland Yacht Club.

He plans to pick up a few checks from gullible liberals, then back to the Air Guard base and wheels up for another cash stop in Seattle tonight.

Brandon…I mean, Joe, deserves so much more.

Take the motorcade down I-84 so the President can see all the colorful shanty towns that have sprung up.

This place is full-on Joe Socialism on steroids.

Those homeless drug addicts have benefitted big time from Joe’s “open borders” policy with Mexico…heroin, meth and fentanyl have never been cheaper and more available thanks to the President.

Roll through downtown and see where his Antifa allies tried to burn the Federal Courthouse and tagged it up with a lot of graffiti; left a lot of boarded up businesses.

Survey more homeless camps up I-five, swing by the Jubitz Truck stop to check the latest gas and diesel prices, and still get to the Yacht Club before the big donors get bored.

I even ironed my favorite “Let’s go Brandon” shirt just in case he drives by the studio today.