Joe Biden Lies To America With A Smile On His Face

The lies of Joe Biden never stop.

Today, they hit a crescendo on the anniversary of January 6th and the capitol riot.

Let me focus on just two of them.

He accuses rioters of killing Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick.

That’s just a flat out lie.

The Washington D.C. Medical examiner confirmed that officer sicknick died of a stroke, one day after the capital incident and that he had no injuries from that day which caused the stroke.

Think of that: President Joe Biden makes an accusation of MURDER against Americans despite clear evidence no such murder happened.

Second…Biden claims anyone who’s concerned about the laws broken in the November 3rd election is lying.

That’s another slam on tens of millions of Americans who have seen the evidence that Biden’s victory was the result of unconstitutional law breaking.

Biden referred to President Trump a full one dozen times today but never had the guts to actually say his name.

What is he: Voldemort?

But the Party of Slavery doesn’t have much else to offer to Americans these days

Massive inflation…

Energy prices soaring and supply shrinking

A humiliating and deadly Afghanistan retreat

China Joe’s “shut down the virus” promise revoked

What else can they run on?  and how else can they justify their proposed federal takeover of elections?