Joe Biden Is Turning A Nightmare Into Our Reality

Imagine, if you will, a foreign country attacking America this way:

Turn an energy self-sufficient nation into one begging OPEC and even the Russians for more oil.

Fire thousands of police officers around the country so that violent crime can make many cities much more dangerous.

(for example: Portland police responded to 13 shootings in just 28hours over this past weekend.  One dead, three in the hospital. And the city seems all but certain to set a new historic murder rate by the end of 2021)

Allow literally millions of poor, uneducated, dependent people…often infected with Covid…often criminals flood across our borders.

With that flood, thousands of pounds of illegal drugs that drive more crime and more deaths.

Fire thousands of nurses and doctors to the point it overwhelms hospitals.

Segregate the population into

Vaxxed and not vaxxed.

Do this in people’s work places and in public facilities.

Use government spending to jack up inflation so it cuts the guts out of the average family’s budget

Use public schools to indoctrinate children to believe that their skin color defines them and their friends.

Then threaten parents who object with an investigation by the FBI.

All the things I just mentioned are not a foreign enemy…they’re the actions of the current President of the United States…or the people pulling his strings.