Joe Biden Is Bumbling His Way Through Robbing You Of Your Rights

Liberals love taking away the civil liberties of American citizens..

That’s why Joe Biden gave a speech to the nation last night proposing to raise the minimum gun purchase age from 18 to 21. He also wants to ban citizens from buying certain guns based on looks…the look of the gun of course, not whether the buyer is handsome or beautiful.

In the last three weeks, we’ve had three deadly mass shootings but they don’t seem to fit a pattern. One killer was white, one was black and one hispanic. They happened at a supermarket, a school and a hospital. Two of the killers were 18. One was 45.

So Slow Joe proposes an age limit.

As though turning 21 makes you wise and sane.

This is public policy in a country where a senile old man in the Oval office, who regularly lies to the public and often doesn’t know where he is on any given day…tells us we need protection from the mentally deficient.

Irony doesn’t even begin to describe it.

Liberals will tell you any child, at any age is mature enough to change his gender and take life changing hormones.

If you’re what the progressives call a “birthing person” you can seek an abortion at any age without mom and dad knowing and WITH the help of government and private agencies.

American demands young citizens be signed up for any draft that might come.

But you can’t be trusted to own a gun.