Joe Biden Is Bumbling His Way Into World War 3

Remember when liberal critics predicted President Trump would get us into World War 3.  Instead, Trump ended conflicts.

Bumbling Joe Biden, on the other hand, has walked us right up to the brink of a war with Russia, a country with plenty of nukes.

Last week, Biden said three crazy things designed to provoke Vladimir Putin that his own White House has to walk back quickly.

A reporter asked the Demented Delawarean what he would do if Russia uses chemical weapons in Ukraine?  Biden told the reporter America would answer “in kind”, meaning we’d use chemical weapons too.

Biden’s minders had to tell everyone “he doesn’t really mean it.”

The same day, Biden told members of the 82nd Airborne what they would see when they arrive in Ukraine.  The President has spent the last several weeks telling us we won’t put boots on the ground in that war.

Hey Jen Psaki, cleanup on aisle 3.  Joey messed his pants again.

Finally, over the weekend, Biden declared that Putin, quote “cannot be allowed to stay in power”.

Joe must have been angling for his “tear down this wall” moment.

Instead, the spin doctors on his team had to come out and tell the world “he didn’t really mean that.”

Here we are, closer to nuclear war than we’ve been since JFK faced Soviet missiles in Cuba…and Joe keeps channeling crazy.

Maybe instead of critical race theory and transgender indoctrination, we should start teaching the kids “duck and cover” again.