Joe Biden Does His Best To Reach A New Low

On this First Amendment Friday, Joe Biden has his problems.

In July, he hit 50% disapproval.

Today, the Rasmussen poll shows that number at 60%

Most of us would be polishing up our resume at that point…only Joe has no place to go…it’s the end of the line.

And his resume: a dozen dead in Afghanistan, Americans trapped with terrorists.

Inflation at a 40 year high, wage gains wiped out.

And that’s just his first 51 weeks as President.

Biden knows he’s just about guaranteed to lose the House and the Senate this fall unless the democrats get to cheat in the election leaving China Joe a Lame Peking duck.

So, he did a full 180 on the filibuster…reneging on yet another promise he made in the campaign…

But without the filibuster flip, Democrats can’t pass the federal takeover of state run elections.  By the way, The Constitution requires state run elections.

But when has the Constitution ever stopped Joe Biden?

If the Feds don’t run elections, Ds can’t cheat…and without cheating…they are out of power in just ten months.

Democrats are so desperate they’re literally talking about bringing back Hillary to lose one more time in 2024.