Jay Inslee Is Preparing To Fire On Your 2A Rights

Washington State Senators chose Saturday of Easter weekend to pass a so-called assault weapons ban.  

All signs point to it landing on Governor Jay Inslee’s desk soon and becoming law.

Senators and Reps claim they want to stop murders by banning law-abiding citizens from buying guns.  Yes, that’s just as dumb as it sounds. 

The law violates both the state and federal Constitutions, but let’s focus on just one part.

If you already live in Washington, as I do, and own these guns, as I do, then you can keep them as long as you want.

If, on the other hand, you want to MOVE to Washington state…and you own those guns…you’ll be stopped at the border or you’ll become a felon.

After Jay Inslee signs the law, you have a choice to make…move to the Evergreen state and leave your guns behind…or you can’t move in at all. 

The new law creates two classes of citizens, those WITH gun rights and those without. The state constitution DOES forbid treating citizens unequally.

Democrats know that.  Governor Inslee knows that.  And they don’t give a damn.  

Yes, the courts will eventually throw it out.  But in the meantime, it violates the civil rights of citizens.  

But politicians get to win because they appear to actually be doing something.