Is The Violent Liberal Mob Rule Protesters Anything Like The Tea Party?

Jenny Beth Martin is the co-founder of Tea Party Patriots and she joined Lars to discuss the contrasts between left-wing protests and the Tea Party. The Tea Party, founded after the election of Barack Obama in 2008, has been repeatedly smeared by left-leaning news outlets as the moral equivalent to the violent protest groups that align themselves on the left. After nearly a decade of conservative, free market activism, the question still arises: Is the Tea Party the right-wing equivalent to ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter and Occupy Wall Street style demonstrations?



How can we better protect our kids in school? What is the latest on the wall and American border security? How much government red tape did California add in just the last year? Why are we tolerating teachers getting assaulted by their students? Why are residents in border states hesitant to report illegals? Should we be more worried about the amount of teens who are smoking or vaping?