Is The World On The Verge Of Losing All Our Ice?

Lars speaks with meteorologist and climate expert, Chuck Wiese about a recent Washington Post article claiming that the Earth is losing 1.2 trillion tons of ice yearly, and we’re on the verge of losing all of it. In an email, Chuck explained why the information in the article isn’t accurate.

From Chuck Weise: Global ice volume from Greenland, Arctic and Antarctica = 3.428850 x 10^7 Km^3 x .83 Gt/Km^3 = 2.8459455 x 10^16 tons of global ice. So at the rate of 1.2 trillion tons of ice loss per year, how long would it take to melt all the ice on earth? Answer: 2.8459455 x 10^16 tons / 1.2 x 10^12 tons per year = 23,716.3 years to melt all the earth ice at this rate. As you can see, the whole story is idiotic as are most “climate change” stories because within this time period, we will go thru another Milankovitch planetary cycle which will trigger another ice age. That is less than 10,000 years away.

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