Interview: Dr. Ron Paul on Whether America’s Military Budget is Threatening Our National Security

Friday, Dr. Ron Paul published an article about how Military spending is threatening our Nation’s economy and security:

“On Friday the House overwhelmingly approved a massive increase in military spending, passing a $696 billion National Defense Authorization bill for 2018. President Trump’s request already included a huge fifty or so billion dollar spending increase, but the Republican-led House found even that to be far too small. They added another $30 billion to the bill for good measure. Even President Trump, in his official statement, expressed some concern over spending in the House-passed bill. According to the already weak limitations on military spending increases in the 2011 “sequestration” law, the base military budget for 2018 would be $72 billion more than allowed”.

Find out about the Ron Paul institute for peace and prosperity here.

Today Lars talked with former Member of Congress Dr. Ron Paul on the growing threat of North Korea, Military Defense  Budget and managing the healthcare system. He says  “The biggest issue right now is protecting our first amendment.”



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