In Surprise Move, Portland Public Schools Can Learn From Their Mistakes

I don’t find myself praising the actions of school boards a lot lately.

Even before the pandemic, government-run failed students, parents, and taxpayers.

Spending more than 15-thousand bucks per student, per year, and producing kids who can’t read, write or do the math…but still, get a diploma?

The pandemic had most public schools shut down…while private schools just kept soldiering on.

But would you expect a common-sense decision from schools in the politically “bluest” city in one of America’s bluest states?

Portland Public Schools planned to vote through a vaccine mandate tomorrow for students 12 and above.

But now it’s been put on hold: that’s smart.

Sensible parents have sensible questions about forcing their kids to take vaccines we still don’t know a lot about.

Side effects remain a danger…and mandating vaccines for a population least likely to get covid and least likely to suffer serious effects…not smart.

The staff at Portland Public asked its board to put off the mandate for six months till we know more.  Bravo.  Parents who want to get the shot for their kids can do it.

They know the risks and rewards.  But no mandate.  Bravo, PPS

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