Illegal is Illegal

illegal aliens

By Lars Larson

Let’s talk about Illegal Aliens.

Running mate Tim Kaine admitted at the VP debate that he and Hillary plan to grant amnesty for those illegally in our country; to quote the Senator, “just like Reagan in ‘86”.

And let’s debunk some common fallacies. They’re not immigrants. When you immigrate you obey the laws of your adoptive country. Illegals don’t.

There’s a fancy lie that illegals have paid more taxes than Trump. If 15 million illegal aliens have paid only 100 dollars in taxes each, that’s 1.5 billion and that’s more than trump…but so what.

The argument that states would collapse without illegal labor was a favorite of the slave traders 150 years ago…and just as stupid.

As for the stoop-labor farm jobs that liberals assume every illegal works…that’s less than 1 million jobs in America.

The other 14 million illegals are working jobs Americans do want…driving trucks, construction, and hospitality among others. A study released this week shows that at least some of them are voting in our elections.

Sure it’s illegal…but when you don’t respect the law, what difference does that make?



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