If we’ve learned anything about Democrat predictions, they’re usually wrong.

To paraphrase Mark Twain, predictions of world war three have been vastly exaggerated.  I cheered when President Trump blasted the top state-sponsored terrorist on planet Earth.  General Qasem Soleimaini has a lot of American blood on his hands. Democrats predicted nuclear conflagration.  If there’s one thing we have learned about Democrats…if they predict something it’s invariably wrong. Before inauguration, they predicted the economy would implode. They predicted Trump was a Russian plant or at least got Russian help in the election.  The Mueller Report proved that wrong. A year ago Democrats said Trump would take the economy over the cliff into recession. Instead, we saw record job growth along with solid wage increases. A week ago, Democrats told us that killing the top terrorist would take us straight to world war three.  Yet just days later, we saw the Mad Mullahs of Tehran back down for the first time in decades. They understand deterrence…from a President who offers peace…but only if Iran changes its tune. Meanwhile, this past weekend tens of thousands of Iranians protested in the streets against their own terrorist government. President Trump tweeted out his support for them…in Farsi, the language of Persia. What’s not to like.

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