ICE Arrests 8 Terrorists Joe Biden Let Into America

A lot of us suspected Joe Biden’s wide open border would let terrorists in.

Biden gave us fair warning…as a candidate he called for a “surge” of illegals.

Anyone with common sense knows the flood of undocumented democrats could hide a bunch of bad guys.

Now, we can point to a specific example. 

Yesterday, the ICE agency announced the arrest of 8 suspected terrorists in a geographic spread across America…New York, Philly and Los angeles.

Now, ICE confirms all 8 terrorists are illegals who crossed Biden’s open border.  

At least one entered the U.S. using the CBP smart phone app Joe Biden ordered up to give illegals the appearance of legitimacy.

Authorities say all 8 illegals belong to ISIS…the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria…a terrorist organization.

Wiretaps show they talked about bombs.

One of them was actually IN federal custody but the feds cut him loose and gave him a court date sometime next year.  

Two months ago, FBI director Chris Wray warned congress terrorists could deliver a hit on us like the one in Russia that killed 145 this year.

Those terrorists hail from Tajikistan, same as the ones arrested this week in America.